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Deconstruction and “Ways of Talking”

Derrida denied deconstruction was of any importance As I’ve mentioned previously, the last time I saw Jacques Derrida, who is credited with coining the term “deconstruction,” being i nterviewed he was quite adamant that “deconstruction” was not a concept of any importance, not even a theory, not even a word that he used anymore. ( See "Critical Thinking Skills" and "Family V alues" )   Nonetheless, the word has taken on a life of its own and, while it may have gone out of fashion, it is still with us and showing no signs of disappearing from the language .  (See footnotes.) Postmodernist deconstructionist smuggery If you have ever tried to confront a postmodernist deconstructionist by pointing out that his work was contradictory, illogical, duplicitous, nonsensical and hypocritical, you would likely find him responding with glee, “Exactly!”—as if he were personally responsible for your recent intellectual epiphany.  Given the deconstructionist stance that l

The Things We Know that We Don’t Know We Know!

The OA in my dreams After I finished watching Netflix’s series The OA , I went to bed feeling fairly confused—wondering if I hadn’t just wasted a few hours on a shaggy-dog story .  As often happens to me, I woke up feeling I had a better grasp of the plot. Not very surprisingly, the scene that stayed with me from the final episode was of the trauma counselor advising Prairie, “the OA,” who had been kidnapped and held captive in a basement for seven years, that her premonitions could be the result, not of magical powers to predict the future, but the fact that she was sensitive to information that she collected without being fully conscious of it, which then organized itself into conclusions about the future which sometimes came true.  In other words, sometimes we know things, but we just don’t know that we know them. Trauma counseling and palmistry The trauma counselor’s words rang a bell with me, not just because my brain is sometimes smarter when I am asleep than when