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Extradition from Canada to the USA: Why Meng's Chances of a Favourable Canadian Verdict Are Slim

Extradition by the numbers This Extradition Fact Sheet from a Government of Canada website provides statistics on Canada-to-the-USA extradition cases over a ten year period from 2008 to 2018.  As you can see, once a  case is before a Canadian judge (as Meng's is now) only 8 times ( total number of discharges/refusals in 10 years ) of 798 US extradition requests has the court ruled in favour of the individual resisting extradition--roughly 1% of the time. Fiscal Year Table note  * Total number of requests Arrests ATP’s Issued Order of Committals  Total number of discharges/ refusals Withdrawals Total number of people surrendered 2008-2009 97 84 67 40 0 1 61 2009-2010 118 65 63 30 1 3 49 2010-2011 132 71 58 16 1 6 61 2011-2012 117 93 72 31 0 2 81 2012-2013 101 95 66 34 3 6 65 2013-2014 53 49 43 34 1 7 58 2014-2015 47 53 38 29 1 5 52 2015-2016 44 34 30 29 0 2 41 2016-2017 40 35 32 21 1 6 49 2017-2018 49 47 38 23 0 2 35 TOTAL 798 626 507 287 8 40 552  A CBC News r

Canadian Politicians Were Caught Like Deer in the Headlights, but Why Are Canadian Journalists Censuring any Discussion of the Merits of Meng's Case?

"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum."                                                                                        Noam Chomsky          HSBC, "the victim," doesn't want to prosecute After the G20 summit, President Trump let it be known that he is backtracking on the Huawei ban. Bloomberg and the  Financial Times  are reporting that  HSBC is telling Beijing "It Is Not to Blame for Huawei CFO Arrest."   Where does that leave us?  Let's see:  HSBC is, according to the  Grand Jury indictment , supposed to be the victim of Meng Wanzhou's alleged bank fraud.  The only evidence against Meng, according to the indictment, is a meeting she had with an HSBC executive and an accompanying Power Point presentation.  If the "plaintiff" and the "victim" are backing away from the case, the original warrant

When Chrystia Freeland Said that the Extradition of Huawei CFO, Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, Was Strictly a Judicial Affair, Was She Lying? Or Just Avoiding the Truth?

Generally, I have been a Freeland admirer (see Saint Mathew Pray for Us ).  I sympathized as she stood beside Mike Pompeo  at a Washington press conference and had to come up with six different ways of saying that the arrest, detention and possible extradition of Huawei CFO, Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, was strictly a judicial affair--and in a "rule of law" country like Canada, the process was immune from political interference. I believed her. I had already read the same claim in half a dozen news reports.  I repeated the claim myself. When a claim gets repeated that often, it's hard to resist the idea that it must be true.  Then, I had a look at the Canadian Extradition Act .  Here is what the Extradition Act actually says: Withdrawal of the authority to proceed   (3) The Minister may at any time withdraw the authority to proceed and, if the Minister does so, the court shall discharge the person and set aside any order made respecting their judicial interim releas