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Extradition from Canada to the USA: Why Meng's Chances of a Favourable Canadian Verdict Are Slim

Extradition by the numbers This Extradition Fact Sheet from a Government of Canada website provides statistics on Canada-to-the-USA extradition cases over a ten year period from 2008 to 2018.  As you can see, once a  case is before a Canadian judge (as Meng's is now) only 8 times ( total number of discharges/refusals in 10 years ) of 798 US extradition requests has the court ruled in favour of the individual resisting extradition--roughly 1% of the time. Fiscal Year Table note  * Total number of requests Arrests ATP’s Issued Order of Committals  Total number of discharges/ refusals Withdrawals Total number of people surrendered 2008-2009 97 84 67 40 0 1 61 2009-2010 118 65 63 30 1 3 49 2010-2011 132 71 58 16 1 6 61 2011-2012 117 93 72 31 0 2 81 2012-2013 101 95 66 34 3 6 65 2013-2014 53 49 43 34 1 7 58 2014-2015 47 53 38 29 1 5 52 2015-2016 44 34 30 29 0 2 41 2016-2017 40 35 32 21 1 6 49 2017-2018 49 47 38 23 0 2 35 TOTAL 798 626 507 287 8 40 552  A CBC News r

9,000 SNC-Lavalin Jobs Versus 250,000 Canadians Who Make Their Income from Canola

Canola matters! Watching CPAC the other day I was taken aback to read the caption that 250,000 Canadians, including 43,000  farmers, make their incomes from the sale of canola.  (See for more.) 40% of Canada's canola is sold to China.  China is currently blocking all imports of Canadian canola on the grounds that it contains contaminants.  (Remember when George W. Bush blocked the importation of Canadian beef for two years? I actually know some Canadian beef producers who went bankrupt as a result.) An exercise in futility In Canada the common presumption is that the Chinese blockade is retaliation for the fact that we continue to hold Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei CFO, under house arrest pending extradition.  This Chinese retaliation is outrageous, unfair, unjust; therefore, it's time for all of us Canadians to get together and scream and howl and whine and throw tantrums at one another.  Feel better?

A Comparison of Scandals: SNC-Lavalin Versus the Extradition of the Huawei CFO

The collapse of the Liberal Government Months away from an election, with the resignations of Jody Wilson-Raybould (Veterans Affairs Minister), Gerry Butts (Prime Minister's Chief of Staff), and now Jane Philpott (President of Treasury Board), the Liberal Government is collapsing under the weight of the SNC-Lavalin scandal.  Is the Government being brought down by the "right" scandal? Remediation legislation tailor-made for SNC-Lavalin In September, 2018, the Liberal Government passed the "Remediations Agreement" legislation, tailor-made to allow SNC-Lavalin to escape prosecution for bribing public officials in Libya.  Although the legislation was an amendment to the Criminal Code, it was passed as a part of a Budget Implementation Act (Bill C-17) .  No doubt to the surprise and consternation of the Liberal Government, the Public Prosecutors Office  decided to proceed with the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin rather than negotiate a "remediation ag