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The Trump Vision for Education in America

Education is one of the Trump campaigns important positions Until November 9, 2016, I never imagined there would be any reason to consider what Donald Trump had in mind for education in the USA. I was surprised to see that “Education” was one of sixteen important “positions” on the Trump campaign web site which has now been dismantled in favour of (This post is updated from my original comments on November 10, 2016.) The Trump plan has only one theme:  choice The Trump vision for education has one theme:  “choice.”  I have to admit I find “choice” to be a very appealing notion in education, in particular, because it necessarily implies variety. (Singular, silver-bullet solutions in education seem to inevitably produce more problems than solutions. See "Everything Works! ") In the Trump plan “choice” means “public or private schools,” “magnet schools and charter schools.” What does "choice" mean in practice? Each of these