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Do No Harm Part II: Avoid Irony

In Education, sometimes less is moreI used to teach a course on Public Speaking.It took me three years to figure out how to properly organize and deliver the course.I think I finally did it right in the third year.The trick was to abandon my teacher ego (a subject for a future post), get out of the way, take care of administrative and secretarial necessities of the course, and allow the students to perform and to educate each other—as much as I could (which was never easy for me).A majority of the students who took this course were from the Faculty of Education and consequently destined for careers as educators.One message I passed on to all the students, especially those planning to become teachers:avoid irony. Every Joke has a victimThis is very complicated advice because if you ask students to list the five features they appreciate in teachers, a “sense of humour” is bound to appear consistently in the list.(Here is another issue that I suspect teacher training programs never deal w…